Legend of the Heavenly Stones
  • Title:  Legend of the Heavenly Stones (Chinese Drama)

  • Also Known As:  天石传说 / Tian Shi Chuan Shuo
  • Total Episodes:  34
  • English Subs:  Yes
  • Ost:  N/A
  • Synopsis/Summary/Review: 

    In 1402, the Ming dynasty emperor, Jian Wen, brought his troops overseas to run away after a defeat and took with him the national treasure of five stones which have great powers, "the stones of the gods". Unfortunately, the crew ran into a tsunami at sea, caused by a meteor hitting the Earth, and the entire crew died, except for one high up official who accidentally grabbed the red "stone of the gods" and survived. Over six hundred years later...

    In 2010, Shen Cong and Tie Sen formed the Dream-Realization Labs, and used the red "stone of the gods" to successfully develop the immortality that everbody wants which allows them to leave behind the cycle of birth, aging, illness, and death. Shen Cong and Ling Ling are a loving couple. On the day of the wedding, Ling Ling suddenly faints and the wedding was forced to stop. Ling Ling became the first test subject of the Dream-Realization Labs.

    When the experiment revives the dying Ling Ling successfully, the Dream-Realization Labs located in the snow mountains suddenly explodes. Except for Shen Cong, nobody leaves alive. The only clue left at the site is an "X" mark.

    Five years later, Tie Sen's son, Tie Xiong is already a third year biochemistry student. He's also become the world's leading software engineer. To bait the "Professor X" who killed his father years ago, Tie Xiong held a biochemstry technology talk called "Reviving the Dream-Realization Labs". But the event site suddenly got bombed, and many people were severely injured and died. The event site became chaotic, and there was an "x" mark left there. Shen Cong came to teach at Bei Song University to protect Tie Xiong. And the Lan's Cooporation's CEO, Lan Ye Cheng found all five "stones of the gods" and ordered his younger brother Lan Ye Ming and the assassin "Fei Niao" (Flying Bird, slang for an experienced internet user) to take Tie Xiong's laminar chip with records of clues to the "stones of the gods".