Mr Fighting
  • Title:  Mr Fighting (Taiwanese Drama)

  • Also Known As:  Ge Dou Tian Wang / Mr. Fighting
  • Genre:  Action, Romance
  • Broadcast Date:  January, 2005
  • Total Episodes:  20
  • Casts:  Esther Liu, Joanne Zeng , Tony Sun, Zax Wang
  • English Subs:  Yes
  • Ost:  N/A
  • Synopsis/Summary/Review: 

    Duan Yu Qiao, who introduced the T.F.K.C. Professional Competition, aside from being recognized as the international champion of fist-fighting, he is also the son of Duan Shi Entertainment Enterprise. Knowing that his father and the Ye family used to be sworn enemies in fist-fighting and that they had a fallout in the past, plus the downfall of the Ye family, Yu Qiao plans to rebuild the only property that is left of the Ye family, “Fist-fighting Hall”, which is purchased by Duan Shi Entertainment Enterprise, into a commercial building. Repeated urges and uses of force to get rid of the people in the Hall did little good as they all stay put and refuse to leave. Therefore, Yu Qiao decides to go there personally to take matters into his own hands. When he gets there, he finds out much to his surprise that the owner of the Hall is a feisty and stubborn girl – Ye You Li. She leads several male students to stand up to Yu Qiao. You Li’s attitude is very tough and she swears to protect the “Fist-fighting Hall”, refusing to compromise. On the contrary, You Li left a lasting impression on Yu Qiao and he swears that he will pursue her until he gets her. Under Yu Qiao’s repeated help, his father’s persistence is finally broken down and he decided to change the relationship with the “Fist-fighting Hall” as that of a landlord and a tenant. The crisis of demolishing the Hall will be placed on temporary hold and Yu Qiao and You Li’s feelings for each other also gradually starts to grow.