Find Me in Your Memory
  • Title:  Find Me in Your Memory (Korean Drama)

  • Also Known As:  Memoir of the Man / Memoirs of a Man / The Way He Remembers
  • Genre:  Melodrama, Romance
  • Broadcast Date:  March, 2020
  • Total Episodes:  32
  • Casts:  Kim Dong Wook, Moon Ga Young, Jang Young Nam, Lee Seung Joon, Lee Jin Hyuk, Han Da Mi, Cha Kwang Soo
  • English Subs:  Yes
  • Ost:  N/A
  • Synopsis/Summary/Review: 

    This is a melodrama romance revolves around Lee Jung Hoon (Kim Dong Wook), a man with hyperthymesia with a condition that gives people the ability to remember an abnormally vast amount of their life experiences in vivid detail, and Yeo Ha Jin (Moon Ga Young), a woman who has forgotten the most important moments of her life. The two people with similar scars fatefully cross paths one day and come to love each other.M