Hearts of 19
  • Title:  Hearts of 19 (Korean Drama)

  • Also Known As:  열아홉 순정 / Yeol A-hob Soon-jeong /Pure 19 / Pure in Heart / Hearts of 19
  • Genre:  Comedy, Romance
  • Broadcast Date:  November, 2008
  • Total Episodes:  122
  • Casts:  Choo So Young, Goo Hye Sun, Lee Min Woo, Lee Yoon Ji, Suh Ji Suk
  • English Subs:  Yes
  • Ost:  N/A
  • Synopsis/Summary/Review: 

    Gukhwa (Koo Hye Sun) is a young country girl who leaves Yanbian (China) for Korea to get married. When she arrives in Seoul, she finds out that her fiance had just died in a car accident. Instead of returning to China, she decides to stay and create a new life in Korea. With the help of her fiance's family and in particular his nephew, Ugyeong (Lee Min Woo), she is able to overcome the hardship of living in a foreign country.