Joudan Ja Nai!
  • Title:  Joudan Ja Nai! (Japanese Drama)

  • Also Known As:  Jōdan janai!,Joudan janai!,You have to be joking!
  • Genre:  Comedy
  • Broadcast Date:  November, 2008
  • Total Episodes:  11
  • Casts:  Oda Yuji, Ohtake Shinobu, Ueno Juri
  • English Subs:  Yes
  • Ost:  N/A
  • Synopsis/Summary/Review: 

    A home comedy in which Oda Yuji will play a 40-year-old man who marries the 20-year-old woman, Ueno Juri. He will find out that his wife's mother(Ohtake Shinobu) is his former lover.

    Eventually the mother will live with the couple and the man will start in a work place dominated by women.