The Uncanny Counter Season 2
  • Title:  The Uncanny Counter Season 2 (Korean Drama)

  • Also Known As:  경이로운 소문2: 카운터 펀치 / 경이로운 소문 2 / 悪霊狩猟団: カウンターズ 2 / 驚奇的傳聞 2 / Kyeongirowoon Somoon 2 / The Uncanny Counter Season 2 / The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch / A démonvadászat mestersége 2 / Феноменальні чутки 2
  • Genre:  Action, Comedy, Crime, Investigation, Mystery
  • Broadcast Date:  August, 2023
  • Total Episodes:  16
  • Casts:  Yoo Joon Sang, Ahn Seok Hwan, Kang Ki Yeong, Kim So Ra, Jo Byeong Kyoo, Yoon Joo Sang, Jin Seon Kyu, Yeom Hye Ran
  • English Subs:  Yes
  • Ost:  N/A
  • Synopsis/Summary/Review: 

    Evil spirits from the afterlife arrive on Earth in search of an immortal existence. The story follows a group of counters who are tasked with catching these malevolent entities. The show is based on a webtoon that has been ongoing since 2018 and has been popularly serialized on various online portals.